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Melissa Peda 
Get a glimpse of emerging pop artist Melissa Peda.

Melissa Peda Album Cover Melissa Peda
Released: 02.2004
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Listen to the songs from Melissa's fresh, self-titled debut album. With her dynamic voice and stage presence, she's ready to bring it on like no one else.

1. Little Black Book
A song about female independence and liberation - figuring out who you are and living life to its fullest.
2. I Still Believe in You
A love that you will never forget, cannot be replaced - one you'll always hope for and believe in.
3. Freaky
You like what you see on TV and in the media, but do you really think that's me?
4. Not Yet
A love that was thought to last forever and without warning was taken away. Hoping someday you'll forget; knowing you will not.
5. What You're Doing (Don't Do It For Me)
Realizing that the reality of someone may not live up to the person you created in your mind.
6. If I Didn't Love You
It wouldn't hurt so much to walk away from you if I didn't really, really love you.
7. Subwoofer
Party on! Need I say more?
8. Forever
You'd lost hope and then all of a sudden you've found this wonderful, incredible love. Someone that would be worth any wait.
9. Permanent
You know what? All the pain has lead me to this and I am ready for you. No more games. I want to be with you permanently and I won't settle for less.
10. Life Song
Society has told you your whole life who you are to be, but you realize that your life is all for you and it's time for you to write your own song.

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From Melissa: I was incredibly honored and blessed to have been able to work with the incredible talent that I did on this CD. Marty Walsh (Guitars), Kenny Aronoff (Drums), John Pierce (Bass), Nick Milo (Keyboards, Organ), David Leach (Percussion), Brandon Fields (Saxophone), Lee Thornberg (Trumpet), Nick Lane (Trombone), Dapo Torimiro* (Keyboards), Matt Dahlgren* (Guitars), Mark Drews* (Bass), Rob Markham* (Drums), Maxi Anderson (Background Vocals), Terry Wood (Background Vocals), Mona Lisa Young (Background Vocals).        * played on Forever and Life Song

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