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Melissa Peda 
The first song that Melissa wrote and recorded was at the age of five, recording over her mom's Michael Jackson tape. She began writing in a screenplay format as early as Junior High and continues to write songs reflecting her journey through life. Musical influences have included everything from Barbara Streisand, Faith Hill and Celine Dion to Christina Aguilera and Shakira.

Melissa was born and raised in Littleton, Colorado together with her sister, Sheena, who quickly became the most powerful influence in her life. Even as a child, Melissa had a sense of the theatrics, liking nothing more than to perform for others. She first sang in front of a large crowd when performing Elvis' JailHouse Rock during a Junior High music event. During her High School years, Melissa's family moved to Arizona. Loving the thrill and excitement of performing in front of live crowds, she pursued a degree in Theater from ASU. Over the years, Melissa has routinely sang and performed in church events and for Arizona State University events.

Melissa gives thanks and credit to John Merwin, her voice coach of several years, for continually supporting and encouraging her to push toward meeting her goals and dreams. His support and positive influence helped ensure that she would never look back with regrets and the plague of "what ifs."

Despite making music her top priority, she still enjoys other interests, including eating, watching sports (especially college ice hockey and NFL football) and going to romantic movies - she loves Sandra Bullock!

Possessing a caring, loving, free spirit and ranging at any given moment between funny, mature, moody or mysterious, Melissa may be best described as enigmatic and always a sensitive, emotional artist. "I like to live each moment in that moment. I also like to make things happen." She hopes her music will help you understand her even better.
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