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Melissa Peda 

June 7, 2005

It's gig time! Look out everyone! Unless you're ready for a rockin' bloody good time, then you'll be ok!

Janet and I went out to pick out our first costumes today! It was incredibly exciting but also draining. You would never guess that two hours designing clothes could do that too you, but trust me, it does! But it's worth it! And don't ask me for any hints cause you're not getting any! But trust me it's worth the work, the wait and the time coming to see us. Can't wait to see you there!

- Melissa

February 21, 2005

I'm back! And ready to go like never before! We have two bands in the making! The first is a cover band called The Tarts. If you wanna sing and dance along with us then this is the band to check out! Oh! And I have two incredibly hot chicks jammin' on the stage along with awesome musicians and friends. It's going to be a killer combination! Janet Harvick and Liz Forde will be rocking up onstage with me!

Next we have Wicked Temptations forming which is headed by none other than yours truly! Me! Wooo hooo! Original music that is near and dear to my heart will be performed off of my CD, plus we have new tunes in the process of being recorded along with new tunes being written. All show times to be announced! Guess you'll just have to remain in suspence!

- Melissa

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